Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the way back to New York Now.
Buzzed through Southern CA. Arizona and New Mexico.
Had an exciting little adventure.

                                                   LEAVING CALIFORNIA

                                                  ARRIVING ARIZONA NEXT DAY

Driving through AZ Ran into a DUST Storm. If you watched the PBS Ken Burns Series on the 1930s Dust Bowl - then you can imagine my surprise to see the High Wind /Dust Warning Signs that advise you to pull to the side of the road in case of zero visibility!
So imagine my excitement when I actually ran into a 1930s style Old Dust Storm - you know how I love anything connected with the 1930s - So there it was a little dust storm revved up in the road in front of me...  
However, if the dust storms of the 1930s were a Sequoia tree, then my dust storm was a leaf
on the great Sequoia..

Then it was on to New Mexico

I did buy some fire works in NM

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