Thursday, January 31, 2013

On my way home.
Had a Great time in Beaufort, North Carolina, yesterday.
Stayed in Maryland last night - driving North, now and getting colder..........

Almost Home ... NYC Skyline from NJ.

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 Driving Home to my beloved Blue Mountain.
On the Road with Tonner is Over.
While traveling Cross Country, and enjoying the mild Winter weather South of New Jersey,
I kept asking myself, why didn't my family leave this bitter cold Northeast long ago?

I got my answer after I passed NYC on the Jersey side, headed up the New York State Thruway where the mountains appear out of nowhere. I looked around and realized, ah yes, it really is quite beautiful here.

We had a little return home gathering at Hope's. I stayed there overnight and returned to my Blue Mountain home Friday, February First.

Here is some very, very basic advice for the would be cross country traveler:

Bring wipes that are marked: "kills cold and flu germs". Wipe down everything you will touch in the motel room as soon as you arrive - ie:  light switches, handles THE TV REMOTE, etc. Keep the wipes handy in the car to use after stops at restaurants, restrooms or convenient stores. I couldn't imagine getting a bad cold that far away from home - and I didn't - even though it was flu season.

Bring earplugs for sleeping. That way, even when you spend the night in Jacksonville, NC, right next to the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in a motel full of rowdy 20 year old (very buff) marines, you can still sleep.

... Lastly ... the wonder of doing this trip alone, (I did a similar trip with Joe 42 years ago) is really the wonder of it all. Take the time to take it all in, be amazed and enriched.

One more thing, bring your own coffee and maker for use in the room -
the room coffee tastes like tea, but ditch the iron, I brought one, but you won't really care if your clothes are wrinkled and all the motels provide irons and hair dryers anyway.

Happy Trails!

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