Saturday, January 12, 2013



Hills in TX

Slept in Crosby, LA last night - Louisiana is wet ... very, very wet:  Lakes, Rivers, Swamps and Bayou everywhere... 20 miles of bridge. Drove through Main Street Crosby and the water in the streets was up to the top of my tires! The locals kept driving but I turned around and got back on the Interstate. Drove into TX. early in the day. I never thought Texas was one of my favorite places (remember the JFK thing and all) but after driving through LA, I was looking forward to getting out of the soggy Bayou and into Texas.
Oiy... the place is as flat as a pancake.
Finally made it to Kerrville TX - very pretty mountain town - now, that I like!

Can't complain about the weather, though, high 60s into the 70s all day 'till I hit the mountains.

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