Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping/catching up on jet lag. Woke up at 7am London time, today, (day 2). Spent the morning making post Ireland hotel arrangements. Then mega  adventures in/on the tube - with sheer luck made my way through two changes of trains to Paddington Station - exactly where I wanted to be! (Must be the Irish are happy I'm comin' to see them...)

Walked up to ground level only to find there are NO STREET SIGNS in London. How can you follow a map?

Walked into a HBCS bank and asked a young man who was apparently waiting for an interview if he could help me find my street. He took out his phone and directed me. 

Checked into my hotel and went for a walk exploring the area. Took some pics:

Tomorrow I will take a bus over to St. Marylebone Parrish Church - where all the Craddocks and Burtons were Married and Baptized.

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